The “Campus Vida” project of the USC has been recognized as one of the 9 International Campus of Excellence in Spain, and nanomedicine is one of its main strategic axes. In this framework, the USC supports decidedly the NanoFar initiative. It will dedicate strong research teams belonging to the School of Pharmacy, Medicine and Chemistry, which have internationally recognized expertise in the most relevant fields covered by nanomedicine, to implement it.

The Drug Delivery Research Group (NANOBIOFAR) is the pioneer group of research in nanomedicine in Spain. This group has developed a number of collaborations with several institutions around the world, as well as with a significant number of pharmaceutical companies and it is also actively involved in the European Technology Platform of Nanomedicine.

Role in the NanoFar consortium

NANOBIOFAR will manage PhD programme through concerted supervising and training actions in collaboration with the groups of Investigation in Oncology, Nanotechnology and also with the biotech company Advancell S.A. Their skills linked to targeting therapies, polymeric nanostructures and biomedical applications will perfectly complete the NanoFar Program.
USC will provide platforms including a variety of techniques, from physical chemical characterization towards in vivo evaluation. The key staff of the USC is committed to organize a summer/winter school for each PhD promotion and will closely collaborate with the other partners in the organization of their respective courses. It will also be responsible for the yearly selection and evaluation of candidates for the doctoral school. The USC will elaborate, standardize and distribute all required documents (including e-tools), and will coordinate the whole activity of candidate selection-evaluation within the consortium.

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