ULiège is one of the three main universities of the French Community of Belgium, hosting 20 000 students, which 23% are foreign. ULg was ranked 201 worldwide in the 2007 Time Higher Education and 9th in the 2008 top-10 international ranking of The Scientist for post-docs and was awarded by the “HR Strategy for researchers” European label. ULiège will focus its research on the synthesis and characterization of materials particularly dedicated to health applications. Professors bring complementary expertise in the characterization of these materials in interactions with biological systems.

Role in the NanoFar consortium

ULiège forms many PhDs in a wide range of disciplines, including sciences. The Facuty of Sciences has 247 Phds registered, of which 26 % are from abroad and 20 joint PhDs. Joint teams participating to this program provide a high level education offer for PhDs in products and materials synthesis and characterization for nanomedicine application. They are part of doctoral schools and most of them of an international institute (European Multimaterial Institute from NoE-FAME / FP6), allowing a joint education of PhDs. They have a strong expertise to organise a joint doctoral school in the field of nanomedicine by delivering lectures, giving access to renown research structures on remarkable tools, equipments and technologies, providing a wealthy environment to develop advanced research in the synthesis, engineering and study of materials and products at the basis of the science needed for advanced nanomedicine developments and thus forms valuable PhDs in this emerging field.

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