NanoFar, Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate in Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Innovation

NanoFar is proposed by leading European academic teams working together on the integrative approaches to nanomedicine. This programme was designed to be an innovative harmonised joint Doctorate programme of excellence for the most talented students from EU and non-EU countries.

Nanomedicine, applying nanotechnology to healthcare, offers very promising possibilities in diagnosis and therapy. This very competitive, multidisciplinary new field of science is a fast-growing discipline spanning the academic, clinical and industrial sectors. To achieve true clinical progress, a new generation of scientists, with the spirit of open innovation, must be trained.

NanoFar candidates will be assessed jointly by two universities and will be awarded a dual PhD diploma by the two institutions.

NanoFar is now ended,

after great years of collaboration and meeting people.


NanoFar is an Erasmus Mundus Programme (Action 2) funded by the European Commission