NanoFar Schools

Each year, a School with lectures, workshops and round tables is scheduled in a partner university.

The schools include:

  • 2 daylong Introductory Cross-Disciplinary Research Training sessions, dedicated to the teaching of fundamental principles of drug delivery to biologists and nanomedicine to physical scientists to maximise cross-disciplinary outputs of the EMJD. Local lecturers give these courses which are restricted to all new PhD students,
  • 5 days consisting of lectures (covering all relevant aspects related to nanomedicine as design of nanodevices, nanomedicines for diagnosis and imaging, responsive polymers and nanocarriers…), round tables, industrial and clinical workshops, poster sessions and social events.

These schools help promote exchanges between all participants (students, professors, industrial partners) and allow all PhD students to discuss their thesis projects.

The schools are also open to all PhD students from European and non-European universities wishing to improve their knowledge on nanomedicine through courses provided by top scientists.

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