2012 NanoFar School

1st NanoFar School

University of Angers – 22-26 October 2012

The NanoFar Consortium has organized its first Autumn School, which has been held at the University of Angers from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th of October, 2012.






The 1st NanoFar school has brought together professors from universities composing the NanoFar consortium, NanoFar PhD students, and PhD students who wanted to improve their skills in nanomedicine.

This School aimed to favour exchanges between all the actors and has allowed all PhD students to discuss their projects.


The school has proposed four classes a day (click here to see the program and the speakers).

The classes has covered all the needed aspects related to nanomedicine:

Design of nanomedicine devices, nanomedicines for diagnosis and imaging, responsive polymers and nanocarriers, nanomedicine interactions with biological systems, targeted nanotherapeutics, nanomedicine and radiopharmaceutics.


The courses offered during this week has covered the principal subjects of nanomedicine and pharmaceutical innovation.

Furthermore, this week has been dotted with some events as: a conference with the industrial partners, a poster exhibition proposed by the University of Angers and Nantes’ PhD students …

Click here to download the program as PDF format

Click here to see interviews of participants